A Proper Introduction


Hello reader!

It occurred to me that although I published my first post on Twenty-Something Seeking Prada nearly a year and a half ago, I have never properly introduced myself.

I initially created this blog nearly two and a half years ago, right before I embarked on the biggest adventure of my life to date— a 6 month international exchange to Bordeaux, France. I planned to document my travels, my experience, my outfits and all of the beautiful sites around Europe. However, once I got there I became so immersed in the experience that I didn’t blog about any of it. When I returned, I chose to use the site I’d set up, and I’ve blogged (somewhat sporadically) about my thoughts on fashion, outfit posts, recipes, and such ever since.

Now, I find myself faced with my next big adventure: I am a twenty-three year old university graduate and just quit my primary job to start a full-time job search for a career in my chosen field. I decided that this is one of the last times in my life in which I will have both the financial freedom and independence to make as bold a move as this one, and resolved to spend all of my time searching for a full-time job in fashion public relations.

I suppose you can say that the title of my blog has now taken on an entirely new meaning. I am twenty-something seeking a lot of things. Prada, yes (always!), but also a full-time job, unforgettable adventure during my last free summer, the knowledge of what lies ahead of me, the personal validation that I will hopefully eventually be able to give myself that I made the right decision, and the discovery of who I am as I face all of this.

Here’s what I can tell you about myself: I enjoy event planning, shopping and discussing fashion the way other people do dance or soccer— these are hobbies to me. Travelling has become one of my true loves. I would love to one day learn to sew my own clothes. I am a self-proclaimed grammar snob. I enjoy cookies more than any twenty-something should. I hope to begin eating healthier now that I’ll have more time to cook at home (fingers crossed!). I’ve dabbled in dance, yoga and fiction-writing, though none of them have really stuck.

Here, I’ll discuss fashion, recipes, my adventures, my outfits and anything else that comes to mind. This blog will be as much about writing as it will be about discovering myself. It’s title may or may not change as I discover who that is. I won’t promise that I’ll post everyday because I don’t want to break that promise, nor do I want to force myself to publish anything that is not genuine. This blog will be real, it will be honest, and most of all, it will be unapologetically me. If that is something that interests you, I look forward to sharing my story with you.


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