The Best of World MasterCard Fashion Week: My Top 6 Favourite Shows

It’s a bit late, but I’m finally sharing my top 6 shows from World MasterCard Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015 on the blog. The end of World MasterCard Fashion Week marks the real end of fashion month for those of us in Toronto. It’s sad to see it end, but now we get to look back on all the shows and pick our favourites. Keep reading below to see mine (in no particular order)!

All images by George Pimentel

Mikhael Kale

He not only opened the first show of fashion week, but he blew me away. His collection featured cutouts, mixed patterns and textures that were absolutely stunning.

mikhael kale 4
mikhael kale GP1_7113
 mikhael kale GP1_7225


I’ll take one of each of the coats that came down the runway, please. Oh, and the bags too.

mackage GP1_2643 mackage GP1_2666 mackage GP1_3159

Sid Neigum

The Mercedes-Benz Startup winner wowed us with the structure and intricate details on his designs. It’s hard to even put into words how good it was.

sid neigum GP1_7711 sid neigum GP1_7540

Farley Chatto

This collection was straight out of a Russian fairytale and I loved it.

farley chatto GP2_9059 farley chatto GP2_9045 farley chatto GP2_8890

Hilary MacMillan

Red, cream and black made up the colour scheme of this collection. It was the attention to detail and lines that made this one of my favourite shows and gave it a distinct Valentino-esque vibe. Beautiful.

hilary macmillan GP1_4208 hillary macmillan GP1_4015 hilary macmillam GP1_3851

Mikael D

When Mikael D closes fashion week, he closes fashion week. Does anyone have an upcoming ball I can wear one of these dresses to?

mikael d GP2_3551 mikael d 3 mikaeld GP2_3656

Did I miss any? What were your favourite shows? Let me know in the comments!


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