Triarchy Fall/Winter 2015: Denim on Denim on Denim

Day 4 of World MasterCard Fashion Week is underway and it’s been an insane week so far! I am so pleased to have the chance to attend and cover all the shows, and see these talented designers’ collections. This is only the first of the posts I’ll be doing, so be on the lookout for more!

Last night Triarchy’s collection featured the ultimate weekend getaway. They began with some fantastic storytelling about the rules at Camp Triarchy, and the show kicked off as two models walked the runway to Reveille via trumpet.



Image by George Pimentel

The entire collection made you feel like you could pack up and head on an adventure. The patches on the bags and denim gave it a DIY look and everything looked lived in. A couple of my favourite pieces involved a satchel, a shearling denim jacket, and white jeans with Triarchy’s patches.


Image by George Pimentel


Image by George Pimentel


Image by George Pimentel

And the male models were sporting SO MANY MAN BUNS. Really, what I think Triarchy was trying to get across was long live the man bun, despite Jared Leto’s chopping his off.


Image by George Pimentel

See, glorious.

Will any of you be attending World MasterCard Toronto Fashion Week? Are there any shows you’re most looking forward to? Any thoughts on man buns and denim? Let me know in the comments!



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