Day 1: Spark Sessions Fashion & Beauty Blogger Conference

spark sessions featured

This weekend I attended the Spark Sessions Fashion & Beauty Blogger Conference. One of the amazing things about this conference is that it is created by bloggers, for bloggers. I had an amazing weekend and got the chance to connect with and meet other bloggers, some of whom I’d followed for a while, as well as leading industry professionals and sponsors.  Leading up to it, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I had never interacted with a room full of bloggers before, much less 250!

spark sessions day 1Marissa Anwar, creator of Spark Sessions and Chic Darling 

The conference covered everything from legal issues that every blogger should know, to how to build a media kit to attract brands and PR professionals, and we heard from speakers such as Elle Canada’s Vanessa Craft, Entertainment Tonight’s Cheryl Hickey, and the woman behind Listen to Lena herself, Lena Almeida. It was an invaluable experience as a blogger, but most invaluable as I’m a relatively new blogger, and I’m going to share some of the things I found most useful with you. It was so useful, in fact, that I’ll be splitting this into two posts- it’s also because I have too many pictures to fit into one!

SparkSessions copyA few of the sponsors’ booths (yum, macarons)

Here’s my roundup of just some of the important advice on how to develop your blog and stay afloat in the fashion & beauty blogging world.

1. Become known for you who you are, not for what you do.
2. Put a little bit of you into every post, and remember your audience while writing.
3. Reach out to brands. Don’t wait for them to come to you.
4. Treat your blog as a business. Always be professional.
5. Develop your brand. The only way you’ll know what that is is if you keep writing.
6. Be consistent.
7. Take advantage of every opportunity.
8. You began a blog because you wanted to share something with your readers, don’t lose sight of what that is.
9. Invest in your blog if it is something you are truly passionate about. Time, money, effort and voice.
10. Google Analytics or any analytics are your best friend. No, seriously.

And also, can’t forget! Check out what I wore on the first day.

day 1 ootd (4)

day 1 ootd (3)

day 1 ootd

day 1 ootd (2)Skirt- Forever 21, Top- H&M, Watch- Guess

Next up, you’ll hear about day two and some of the incredible speakers and panels I heard from that day. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions about Spark Sessions or would like to join their mailing list, head to

EDIT: Check out my Day 2 recap here!



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