Curb Your Sweet Tooth With Fruit-Infused Water


Due to health issues, my doctor requires me to drink three litres of water per day. I have both low blood pressure and anemia, so it’s important that I stay properly hydrated or I experience dizzy spells and I can pass out. My body has become so used to it that I rarely crave anything else, but every now and then my sweet tooth flares up and I crave a soda or juice. While that wouldn’t necessarily hurt as long as I still get my 3
litres in, I hate the way I feel after indulging in overly sweetened and processed drinks.

Instead of drinking juices and experiencing that feeling later, I use fruit-infused water to curb my cravings and stay hydrated! Fruit-infused water is so simple to do and a great wayto get your eight glasses (or three litres) in if you’re not too fond of drinking only water, plus it’s a good alternative to alter

native drink sweeteners. There are also so many combinations you can do!

Step One: Choose Your Fruit

Pretty much any combination of fruit can be put in your water to give it a bit of a kick. Some of my favourites are lemon, mint and berries (strawberries and raspberries work best) or orange and lemon. It’s best to fill the glass halfway with fruit and add your water.

Step Two: Let It Sit

Leave your water to sit for a few hours, or even overnight if you’re leaving your house early the next day. This allows the fruit’s juices to mix with the water. You may want to stir or shake your water before you drink it so that all the flavour doesn’t remain at the bottom.

Step Three: Enjoy

That’s it! Enjoy your fruit-infused water and you can even eat the fruit after if you want to! Simple and tasty.

Have you ever tried fruit-infused water? What are your favourite combinations? I’d love some new ideas!


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