Some Exciting News

Hi everyone, I have some exciting news that I want to share today. A lot has been going on in the last couple weeks that I’ve been gone and this should both explain why and allows me to share it with you.

1. School’s Out!


Over the past couple weeks, it’s been a never ending haul of essays to write and exams to study for; I feel like I haven’t had a moment to breathe. But those have now officially endedand I am free until September! This means I can finally focus on blogging and making all the changes I have planned. I am so excited for them, so I hope you will be too!

2. The Liebster Award

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Corinn. The Liebster Award recognizes bloggers with under 200 followers and, in turn, they nominate others. I also had to answer 10 questions that had been left for me. You can read all about them and see who I chose to nominate here.

3. Designer Collaborations

Have I ever mentioned that designer collaborations make my heart soar? There are two of them for me to anxiously await now!

Alexander Wang x H&M:


On Sunday April 13, H&M and Alexander Wang officially announced their collaboration for the newest designer collection. Not only is Wang the first American designer to collaborate with the Swedish brand, but it also marks the tenth anniversary since H&M’s first designer collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld in 2004! I am thrilled about this news as I have always loved Wang’s designs and this partnership means I’ll actually be able to get my hands on a few pieces.

Mark your calendars, ladies and gentleman! The collection hits stores November 6, 2014.

Kate Moss’ Topshop Collection:


I am anxiously waiting Kate Moss’ Topshop collection, which hits stores April 30. The lookbook was officially released April 9, 2014 and I spent at least an hour before my exam drooling over the designs. Productive use of my time, right? If you haven’t already taken a look, you can view them here. They’re fabulous.

That’s all for now. You’ll definitely be hearing from me soon.


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