A Little Pot of Gold

I know that St. Patrick’s Day was well over a week ago, but since I’ve been drowning in school work I haven’t had time to do this post. I’m really excited to procrastinate get a chance to, because I’d been looking forward to it for a while. St. Patrick’s is one of my favourite days of the year—but then again, any holiday that I get to plan a specially themed outfit for makes me happy. I’m the girliest of girls at heart, I love dressing up!

This year, I decided to pay special attention to my makeup and was so happy with the way that it turned out that I wanted to share it.

I achieved most of this look using the Urban Decay Naked palette. However, after lining my bottom lid with black eyeliner to add definition, I lined the bottom with green and gold eyeshadow. I think it added just the right touch of St. Patrick’s Day festivity.

What are some of your favourite makeup tricks for getting in the spirit of a holiday? I’d love to hear them!





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